More familiar to us as Zadok, through Handel’s Coronation anthem “Zadok the Priest”, Sadoc held office during the reign of King David, and was instrumental in bringing Solomon to the throne. His status is accorded respect by placing him opposite Moses.

The date of the completion of the window can be seen at the very bottom of this panel: MDXXXIII.

SADOC or Zadok is familiar to us through Handel’s coronation anthem Zadok the Priest. Zadok is given prominence here because he was the priest who anointed Solomon King of Israel. Anointing took place by pouring consecrated oil (usually olive oil mixed with perfume) from a container (a ram’s horn) over the head of the king. Thus, the king became ‘the Lord’s anointed’. Jesus Christ fulfilled the prophecy of the ideal king and was thus ‘the Lord’s Anointed’. Messiah and Christ both mean ‘anointed’. Anointing is used in the church today, sometimes for baptism, and frequently for Confirmation and Ordination. Anointing is also used by today’s clergy in the ministry of healing. Bishop John Davies

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