Advent Calendar

The Invitation

U A Fanthorpe • read by Jan Jenkins

“Foxes have holes …” Matthew 8.20

The Gloucestershire foxes’ message

To the child beyond our sea:
We d’hear thee was born in a stable.

Us dreams uneasy of thee.

Us knows the pack be after thee

Us knows how that du end,

The chase, the kill, the cheering,

Dying wi’out a friend.

So, lover, us makes this suggestion

To thee and thy fam’ly tu:

Come live wi we under Westridge

Where the huntin folk be few.

Thee’ll play wi cubs in the sunshine,

Sleep in our snuggest den,

And feed on – well, us’ll see to that –

Forget they beastly men.

Maybe thee thinks tis too far off,

Our language strange to thee,

But remember us foxes of Westridge

When thou tires of humanity.

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