from The Oxford Book of Carols • read by Roger Mullock

All this night shrill chanticleer,

Day’s proclaiming trumpeter,

Claps her wings and loudly cries,

Mortals, mortals, wake and rise!

See a wonder

Heaven is under;

From the earth is risen a Sun

Shines all night, though day be done.

Wake, O earth, wake everything!

Wake and hear the joy I bring;

Wake and joy; for all this night

Heaven and every twinkling light,

All amazing,

Still stand gazing.

Angels, Powers, and all that be,

Wake, and joy this Sun to see.

Hail, O Sun, O blessèd Light,

Sent into the world by night!

Let thy rays and heavenly powers

Shine in these dark souls of ours;

For most duly

Thou art truly

God and man, we do confess;

Hail, O Sun of Righteousness!

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