Advent Calendar

Some go …

read by Roger Mullock

Some go to church just for the walk

Some go to stare and laugh and talk

Some go there to meet a friend

Some go for idle time to spend

Some go for general observation

Some for private speculation

Some to seek or find a lover

Some a courtship to discover

Some go there to use their eyes

And newest fashions criticise

Some to show their own smart dress

Some their neighbours to assess

Some to scan a dress of bonnet

Some to price the trimming on it

Some to learn the latest news

That friends at home they may amuse

Some to gossip, false and true

Safe within the sheltering pew

Some go there to please the Squire

Some his daughter to admire

Some the parson go to fawn

Some to lounge and some to yawn

Some to claim the parish doles

Some for bread and some for coals

Some because it’s thought genteel

Some to vaunt their pious zeal

Some to show how sweet they sing

Some how loud their voices ring

Some the preacher go to hear

His style of voice to praise, or jeer

Some their sins to varnish o’er

Some to sit and doze and nod

But few to kneel and worship God.