Advent Calendar

Two excerpts from

The Oxford Book of Carols

Read by Roger Mullock

With merry heart let all rejoice in one

The mother-maid hath now brought forth her son

An angel’s voice declared the Saviour’s birth,

Glory to God, goodwill and peace on earth

The shepherds sped to see this wondrous thing

And found the babe, the which is Christ our King

Both ox and ass, adoring in the byre

In mute acclaim pay homage to out Sire

As custom was, the babe when eight days old

Received his name of Jesus, long foretold

Three kings bowed low to infant majesty

And brought three gifts to hail the Trinity

Now bless we Christ, eternal glory’s King,

And Christ bless us, as to his praise we sing

O Jesus, dearest babe of all

And dearest babe of mine,

Thy love is great, thy limbs are small,

O, flood this heart of mine

With overflow from thine!